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Please, thank you, and love,

Dear friends,
It’s been real.


Tonight I attended seminary graduation for our stake. A bunch of the girls in our branch wanted to go, so we went. It was bittersweet to remember that time in my life, just 5 years ago. (Man, I’m a baby.) I remember feeling so nervous, excited, anxious for the future, sad to leave behind all my friends and family, but still mostly excited. I remember how sad I was to leave friends – that was the huge thing for me. My best friend was staying in Atlanta, and I was going to school, by myself, not knowing a single person in Provo, except for my sister and her family. Yikes. I could see all of the students’ excitement and apprehension, but they were ready. Just like I was “ready” to be out on my own.

One of the talks given was about perspective. The word wasn’t actually used, but that’s what it was about. In the talk, the speaker mentioned our past, our present, and our future. How we are to live our lives and be the “middle men”, connecting the past, present, and future together. Connecting the ties between our ancestors, ourselves, and our future children. This really got me thinking about who we are and who has yet to come to this earth, and where we are all going.

In 10th grade, my chorus at school sang a song by one of my all-time favorite living composers named James Mulholland. The song is a poem (not by Mr. Mulholland) set to music – called Measure Me, Sky. I absolutely love the poem, and think of it often when I’m feeling down or frustrated. It’s the perfect pick-me-up and I think it relates to what I’ve been thinking tonight.

Here’s the poem:

Measure me, sky!
Tell me I reach by a song
Nearer the stars:
I have been little so long.
Weigh me, high wind!
What will your wild scales record?
Profit of pain,
Joy by the weight of a word.

Horizon, reach out!
Catch at my hands, stretch me taut,
Rim of the world:
Widen my eyes by a thought.

Sky, be my depth;
Wind, be my width and my height;
World, my heart’s span:
Loneliness, wings for my flight!

I think sometimes we get little glimpses here and there of eternity. Of the big picture. Of the right perspective. You know those times – when you think too hard and then realize how little you are in the world and how much there is to learn and grow and teach and think about. Tonight I had one of those glimpses.

I thought about my grandparents who are in the spirit world right now. The ones who have passed on already. And then I thought about my future children, right there next to them. My Henry probably knew his great-grandparents before he came to our family. And my little chicklets who have yet to be born are probably there now, saying, “You got it, mom! We love you!” And now I’m getting chills and tears and I can’t help but think – what am I waiting for? This is my life and my future, so what am I waiting for?

I taught a lesson today at church about how our Heavenly Father’s perspective is so much greater than ours. We see a teeny tiny little bit of the picture, where God sees the entire picture. He knows what we’ve been through, he knows what we’re going through, and he knows what we will have to face. But he knows we can do it and he will help us.

So, to this I say: measure me, sky. Stretch me taut. The world is my heart’s span and I’m ready to be tested and tried, to bring more little spirits into the world, to teach them and to love them, to be a mama. I’m ready to grow and learn and be the best companion to my husband that I can be. Sometimes lessons come our way at just the right time. I loved tonight and I love my newfound eternal perspective. Just holding on to this spirit and feeling, that’s the hard part. But I will try.

Dear Georgia Friends,

I know a lot of you will be in Georgia over the next few weeks (Sarah’s homecoming, vacations, 4th of July in PTC, etc.). Please comment and let me know which days you’ll be there!

Things I’ve learned after exercising 5 days straight

Dear friends,
It’s a monumental week for me. I don’t think this has EVER happened. I’ve been walking in the mornings. And this week, I did it EVERY DAY. I know, I know…walking isn’t something totally “wow”. But it is for me. See, I’m not one to get up and work out. Like, absolutely not my style. But I will say this – whenever I work out, I always enjoy it. It’s the step out the door that is difficult for me. The getting up early, the putting on a tank top, the lacing up my shoes. (Actually, I’ll say the tank top part isn’t that hard, because I never get to wear them and I quite like them. But that isn’t the point.) But the past 5 days, something has changed within me. Something is not the same. (Ten points for guessing that song.) No really, it has and it is(n’t). I’m really trying hard to get in shape the right way. Eating healthy, eating less, exercising, not as many sweets, you know. I wanted to lose the weight before my trip to Georgia, because I have to wear a bathing suit at least one entire day. I wasn’t about to show up at my favorite lake in the world looking all post-birth, even 8 months later…blegh. But, it seems as if my body is displaced and probably will be forever. So I’m embracing my shape, and trying to tone the size.

Anyway, anyway, anyway…the point is that I’ve gone walking every morning this week. FOUR MILES EVERY DAY. (Takes almost exactly an hour.) I am so proud of myself! This is huge! The first day I did it – a couple weeks ago – I got terrible, terrible shin splints. Can you say oooouuuut ooooof shaaaape? I had to rest for like a week! Okay, maybe not that long, but it was bad. Pathetic. Now I can go every day without shin splints! I’m a teensy bit sore, but it’s not a big deal at all.

So here’s how it goes down: I wake up. Usually around 6:30 or 7:00 when Henry gets up. Lately it’s been about 7:00. I get dressed for the walk, get Henry out of his crib, change the poopy diaper (This kid ALWAYS poops first thing in the morning – just like his dad. Oh, he’s going to hate me for that! Love you, babes!), change his wriggly body into new clothes, feed him, burp him, wipe up the spit-up that probably got on my arms and legs, pray with the Beebs, and then we’re off! Henry and me, against the black pavement. WE ALWAYS WIN. hee hee.

Every day I pass the same people. Twice. It’s a loop around the lake/river/body of water, and it crosses over two bridges. So I pass the same people twice, because we all go around the entire thing. The first time I walked the loop, I smiled at people as I went by. Then I realized how excruciatingly awkward that was, so now my rule is: always say “morning”. No matter if they’re making eye contact, wearing earbuds, whatever. I always do so it’s never a question. Seriously less awkward.

There are a few people I remember specifically: Gilligan and his pigeon-toed sidekick (really, the man walks around in short khaki shorts, a red shirt, and a white bucket hat), the tall skinny old man who is very serious but very friendly, the smiley other old man who adores Henry (and even says “good morning” to him! it’s cute), the girl who walks on the left side of the path (annoying), the depressed old man who never makes eye contact and who wears a funny visor, and the semi-depressed old lady who shakes her head and wears too short of shorts. I love these people. I hope they love me too.

Man, these endorphins are working wonders. I am so confident! I’ve lost a few pounds, and Kevin says he’s noticed! How awesome does that make me feel? Really awesome.

Well, three cheers for walking. (Three cheers for that brownie trifle I made for dessert tonight, too.) But really, three cheers for trying. Way to go, Rik, way to go. Am I seriously giving myself a pep talk?

See you on Monday morning, bright and early! Bring lots of water. It is HUMID out there!

Here Comes the Sun

Last Saturday was the Collingswood pool’s first day open. We were one of the first few there and it was Henry’s first time in a pool! He pretty much hated it, because the water was freeeeeezing! We didn’t spend too much time in the water, but we took him on the swings (also a first) and took lots of pictures. Boy are we first-time parents. I’m sure everyone thought we were crazy, but we sure loved it! We got pool passes, so I’ll be going every day that I can!

This second picture crrraaaacks me up! Henry looks so doofy and his face looks huge and long! I know he has a long-ish face, but this looks craaaazy! I love my little boy, even, or maybe especially, when he looks doofy.

A “new” dresser and a birthday

Our friends gave us a few pieces of furniture, and this baby was one of them. I totally forgot to take a “before” picture and I’m kicking myself for it! It was pretty banged up with knicks, scratches, water stains, etc., and just a dark wood color. I had my heart set on a dark indigo and wanted to do some detailing (something like this project), but Kevin suggested red. What a great idea! We need more color in our house. It goes really well with the painting above our bed and I love that it’s bright. The knobs I got on super sale at Anthropologie and I’m waiting on the bottom two to be shipped to me (they didn’t have enough in the store). I’m so happy with how it turned out! And it only took me 2 days to complete + one extra day of drying time. I’m going to wait a good long while before I put anything on top of it, though, because I don’t want to screw it up.

(And sorry the pictures are kind of terrible. It was dark-ish outside when I took them.)

Inside the drawers is what’s most exciting. Sewing things! Crafty things! Papers! Paintbrushes! Cards! Glue! Scissors! Ribbon! Fabric! It’s my own personal craft “room” on wheels. Yes, it has wheels! I’m so excited for a place to put all of my project stuff. I looooooooove it. (See the cardboard boxes in some of these pictures? That’s where all my stuff has been before now, sitting in the corner of our bedroom. Romantic? I think not!)

Now I just need to make a cover for my sewing machine and set everything up. I love projects. Anyone notice? Next project: the dining chairs.

Happy Birthday to my KatieKatie! I love you and can’t believe we’re getting so old these days. KIDDING! I hope you have the best day ever and that you totally spoil yourself. You deserve it! Love, your fellow musketeer


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